The Five People You Meet in Heaven


what information has ruby come to tell eddie about his father and ehy do you think this is important?


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Eddie learns his third lesson from his tortured relationship with his father. Eddie bitterly recalls that the last words his father spoke to him were uttered in a drunken rage, but Ruby points out that his father's pressure did get him off the couch because after their confrontation, Eddie got a job driving a cab. Ruby tells Eddie that she is going to show him how his father died. She takes Eddie back to the kitchen of his parents' place, where a drunk Mickey Shea assaults Eddie's mother. Eddie’s father comes home just in time, grabs a hammer, and chases Mickey into the street, pursuing him all the way to the pier. Eddie's father then watches as Mickey jumps desperately into the cold ocean waters and jumps in after him. Fighting against the thrashing waves, Eddie's father manages to pull his drunken friend to the shore. Exhausted and drenched, Eddie’s father lies on beach for several hours before gathering the strength to walk home. Ruby underlines the fact that Eddie's father died because he was trying to save a friend.