The Federalist Papers

what does Hamilton mean by discontented ghosts in Federalist 72 when speaking of term limits for president and why it's a bad idea?

My question has to do directly with the term discontented ghosts, it is not clear to me what that is. I understand the argument mostly just not this term. All my searches have come up unclear.

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Alexander Hamilton was referring to a time in the future when Presidents would "walk about the people like discontented ghosts," remembering and yearning for a position they's never again possess. In turnm "discontent" could then bring about political dissent depending upon the power and popularity of the President in question.

Sorry about the spelling, I hate laptop keyboards and rarely take the time to reread answers before hitting the button. I hope the above explanation helped......... it's hard to translate that meaning unless you put yourself in the future and look at the fact that the Founding Fathers were creating a government, and that they had to realize exactly how powerful any one of them could become and how volatile a position we were in as a nation.