The Fault in Our Stars

in the book, in general.

how Hazel and gus differ from one another...?

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Hazel is bright, caring, and brave. She also tends to isolate herself from the outside world. Hazel is an introvert, whereas, Gus is an extrovert. The main differences, however, may be caused by the differences in their situations. Throughout most of the novel, Gus is cancer free. He is a survivor and spends his time lending his strength and courage to Hazel, who is very sick. Gus lives in the moment..... his actions are that of a normal teenager. He isn't hampered by the disease or its treatment...... thus, he's leading a life similar to our own. When Gus gets sick..... he and Hazel have to change roles. She must use her srtength to buffer him..... she must find the empathy that's locked inside.