The Fall of the House of Usher

What symbols of death or madness are present in the story?

list at least 5 symbols. explain what philisophical or psychological view is illustrated through the symbols.

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Poe writes that Usher "entered, at some length, into what he conceived to be the nature of his malady." What exactly is his "malady" we never learn. Even Usher seems uncertain, contradictory in his description: "It was, he said, a constitutional and a family evil, and one for which he despaired to find a remedy--a mere nervous affection, he immediately added, which would undoubtedly soon pass off." The Narrator notes an "incoherence" and "inconsistency" in his old friend, but he offers little by way of scientific explanation of the condition. As a result, the line between sanity and insanity becomes blurred, which paves the way for the Narrator's own descent into madness. You might consider Madeline's seemingly dead body, Roderick's art, the mansion, and the poetry they read as symbolic of decay and madness.