The Fall of the House of Usher

A few questions

1) After reading the ballad. Is related somewhat to the proprietor of the manson and his life? How?

2) How and what does the proprieter ask the narroroer when it comes to Lady Madeline? Where do they take his Lady Madeline's body? Explain the proprietor's reaction to the situation.

3) Name atleast three titles of the books that the proprietor read to the narrator. What were the themes that the narraotors chose to read? How are these realted to the mental state and health of the proprietor's?

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1. The metaphor of the relationship between body and house is illustrated when Roderick sings “The Haunted Palace” The disintegration of the dwelling and the dweller are connected. The song points out that this palace once “reared its head” with celestial thoughts with windows like eyes through which one sees the proprietor with his “wit and wisdom” surrounded by the divine ghosts.. This represents Roderick's once happy state of mind. Things quickly change in the song when, “evil things in robes of sorrow” plague the proprietor with evil, madness, and demonic forms.

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