The Epic of Gilgamesh

what does the story mean?

The Gilgamesh epic

What Are the main features of the flood story


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The flood tells the story of Utnapishtim. There is an obvious parallel between Utnapishtim’s story and the account of the flood in the Old Testament Bible. In Utnapishtim’s story, the gods give no reason for the flood. The decision appears to be arbitrary. The Gods are just angry and want to destroy the world. The God Ea, however, tells Utanapishtim to destroy his house and make a boat and fill it with animals and stuff. (yes, this does sound like a familiar Bible story!) Utanapishtim builds this giant Cube ship. The flood hits big time and eaven thr Gods have to climb to the highest heaven. The storm goes on for six days and seven nights. Finally the storm stops and his cube boat drifts to the peak of Mount Nimush.