The Epic of Gilgamesh

what does gilgamesh do when he returns to uruk

what does gilgamesh do when he returns to uruk

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Upon returning to Uruk Gilgamesh looks upon the city with new eyes. He sees the city walls and its temples and realizes that it is his home, a testament to humanity, but also to him if he can rule it well. Most translations of the epic mention the temple of Ishtar specifically, suggesting that Gilgamesh has made peace with the goddess after his previous transgressions. It also suggests that the story is emphasizing the importance of women in human society. Two women, Siduri and Utnapishtim’s wife, take pity on Gilgamesh when he is at his lowest and offer their kindness as he tries to come to terms with his predicament. Women give birth to and nurture the young, allowing the all-important cycle of life to renew.