The Epic of Gilgamesh

How can i compare the epic of gilgamesh wif the creation story of genesis chapter 1

Compare the creation story and the epic of gilgamesh

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There isn't too much here other then the Anu, the goddess of creation, making a twin for Gilgamesh. There is a bit of creation similarity in both stories but that's about all I see.

Utnapishtim's Flood story is very similar to Noah's story. Gilgamesh's snake at the pond is very similar to Eve's snake in the garden, Aruru making Enkidu as a counter balance/companion to Gilgamesh (his literal better half) is similar to the creation of Eve as Adam's other half. Gilgamesh's loss of the means to immortality is similar to Adam and Eve's loss of immortality, which also involved the trickery of a serpent.


Epic of Gilgamesh, Assyrian version and Modern Translation, Genesis King James version and Modern Translation