The Doll's House

the doll's house

i need to know the class issues and characters motivation in the doll's house story by katherine mansfield.

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The main theme in this short story is the theme of social class and how there is a strict fence between those who are well-off and those who aren't whether it be a social or economical one. The Kelveys are the center of this theme as a poor family. They are scrutinized to the point where the socialization of their two children is forbidden with other kids their age. The entire well-off society cast them off, so much so that the kids are faced with humiliation in school not only from other children, but from teachers as well. This wall built to keep them out, dooms the children to the same fate as their parents' without hope of progression. This cruelty and unfairness portrayed in the story is unbearable, but it is the decision of societal majority and one can only lament the fate of the two innocent girls who can only dream of a doll's house.