The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Why were the inmates troubled ? Why did the Bishop urge the people of Netherlands to fight for ?

05 February 1943 - 27 March 1943

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Burglars trouble the members of the annex, as do the day to day diifficulties they face. The people who sold them illegal food coupons were caught, so there are no fats in the house and little food besides. The adults are on edge about food and politics. All of their protectors except Mr. Kraler are troubled by illness, and Mr. Kraler was "called up" to go digging. He is later exempted by the court.

As for the bishops....

Jan brought along the episcopal letter that the bishops addressed to their parishioners. It was beautiful and inspiring. "People of the Netherlands, stand up and take action. Each of us must choose our own weapons to fight for the freedom of our country, our people and our reli gion! Give your help and support. Act now!" This is what they're preaching from the pulpit. Will it do any good? It's definitely too late to help our fellow Jews.