The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Why is diary so important to anne?


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The diary was a birthday gift, but more important than that it enabled her to record her thoughts and experiences, which would provide practice for what she hoped would become her profession. Anne wanted to be a writer.

i would say her diary is important because everything that happened to the jews she had experiance so that would mean that she has wroten everything like how she survied as long as she did and where she hide out at and what her good and bad times were

Anne Frank's diary is important because it is a first-hand account of what the Jews went through in Germany during WWII. Anne Frank describes trying to avoid the Nazis and what being in a concentration camp was like. It is also important because it is from a child's persepective.


Anne's diary, "Kitty", is extremely important.

First, because it was a gift from her father on her birthday and she holds it dear.

Secondly, the diary had helped Anne overcome her loneliness and cope with the life at the Annexe. The diary had been her sole confidant and friend during her time in hiding. Anne was able to vent out her emotions and feelings in the lifeless pages of the diary and relief herself of the mental stress and tension.

Thirdly, the diary is a valuable account of the anti-Jew aspects and terror of World War 2. It gives an insight into the mind and life of a refugee and recounts the evil doings of the oppressors. Also, since, The Diary Of A Young Girl is from a child's perspective, this gives us a view how the terror of war and its effects shape the young and tender minds.