The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Why do you think it took so long to discover the Franks? Do you think that they grew careless over time?

Do you think that they grew careless over time?

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"Hush. Be quiet. Whisper. Walk softly...take off your shoes. Who's still in the bathroom? The water's running. For God's sake, don't flush the toilet! After two years you should know better than to be so careless. Empty the chamber pots. Shove the beds back out of the way. The church bells are already ringing the half hour. When the workers arrive at 8:30, there has to be dead silence."

This quote can be found in the chapter The Arrest; I think it speaks for itself. The Franks had a busy annex............. there were quite a few people, and I think that with the length of time they were forced to remain there, it would have been hard not to get careless. Light, bathrooms, cooking, a long stretch of time....... the fact that they'd been safe for so long probably gave them a false sense of security.............. that, and the kids were getting older, more restless....... the parents were getting testy, quarters were too tight.