The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

what is the succession of events that led up to what anne describes as when the good times rapidly fled?

event led up to when the good times rapidly fled

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Directly from the tect;

“After May 1940 good times rapidly fled,” wrote Anne. “First the war, then the capitulation, followed by the arrival of the Germans, which is when the sufferings of us Jews really began. Anti-Jewish decrees followed each other in quick succession. Jews must wear a yellow star, Jews must hand in their bicycles, Jews are banned from trains and are forbidden to drive. Jews are only allowed to do their shopping between three and five o'clock and then only in shops which bear the sign 'Jewish shop.’ Jews must be indoors by eight o'clock and cannot even sit in their own gardens after that hour. Jews are forbidden to visit theaters, cinemas, and other places of entertainment. Jews may not take part in public sports. Swimming baths, tennis courts, hockey fields, and other

sports grounds are all prohibited to them. Jews may not visit Christians. Jews must go [only] to Jewish schools, and many more restrictions of a similar kind [were imposed].”


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank