The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

what is mr.kraler's attitude toward his illness?

from the anne frank play

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Mr. Kraler treat his illness (at least publicly) with nonchalance.

Mr. Kraler (sitting at the table). Oh, I tried. But you can’t get near a doctor these days . . . they’re so busy. After weeks I finally managed to get one on the telephone. I told him I’d like an appointment . . . I wasn’t feeling very well. You know what he answers . . . over the telephone . . . “Stick out your tongue!” (They laugh. He turns to MR. FRANK as MR. FRANK comes back.) I have some contracts here . . . I wonder if you’d look over them with me . . . 



The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr.kraler feels unhappy and this doesnt really matter to him.