The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

the novel dairy of a young girl is a conflict between inspirational and social expectations

let me in detail as in order to write it for 5 marks

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Because of Anne's age and the horrific events she lived through, her story is an inspiration to everyone. Talk about making the best of adversity...... Anne accomplished and experienced things we could never comprehend...... but she stood tall. None-the-less, her age left her open to many moments of social discomfiture. She was a young teenager working through hormones, bucking her mother's guidance and clinging to her father. Like most young girls she saw her mother as the enemy and her father as the love of her life. She had a crush on Peter (her first love), so she had to move through the whats and ahys of appropriate behavior. How do you date while living in the same house? How do you get privacy when there is none. The poor thing had to share her room with an old man..... not easy.