The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

In what ways do Anne's descriptions of life in the Secret Annexe during this period (Around December 29, 1943) differ from the earlier entries?

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Anne is no longer acting the spoiled little girl and is making a concerted effort to be helpful. Everyone's nerves are on edge because they're no longer simply dealing with hiding and being frightened..... the area is in ruins and bombs fall around them.

Anne descriptions are also the writing of a very depressed little girl. In fact, everyone's outlook has changed and the mood has darkened. Money is short and the people helping them on the outside have becomes sick or completely stressed out from taking the chances they are in helping the familes. This period is bleaker than the earlier entries.

We also see that Anne has a crush on Peter, and that her relationship with her mother is improving as she moves out of puberty. She's in love, and she's tired of the same conversations surrounding her day after day...... I mean when you can't get out, there aren't many new stories to tell.


The Diary of Anne Frank