The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

in the june 13, 1943 entry , pim ( annes nickname for her father ) gives anne a poem for her birthday. what is the poem saying? what is the tone of the poem?

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Anne's birthday festivities are greatly subdued in comparison to last year. Nonetheless, she is happy, she is "spoiled" with sweets and her father writes her a poem in German, which Margot translates into Dutch. Anne loves the poem and like others her father has written chronicles the year's past events.

As youngest among us, but small no more,

Your life can be trying, for we have the chore

Of becoming your teachers, a terrible bore.

"We've got experience! Take it from me!"

"We've done this all before, you see.

We know the ropes, we know the same."

Since time immemorial, always the same.

One's own shortcomings are nothing but fluff,

But everyone else's are heavier stuff:

Faultfinding comes easy when this is our plight,

But it's hard for your parents, try as they might,

To treat you with fairness, and kindness as well;

Nitpicking's a habit that's hard to dispel.

Men you're living with old folks, all you can do

Is put up with their nagging -- it's hard but it's true.

The pill may be bitter, but down it must go,

For it's meant to keep the peace, you know.

The many months here have not been in vain,

Since wasting time noes against your Brain.

You read and study nearly all the day,

Determined to chase the boredom away.

The more difficult question, much harder to bear,

Is "What on earth do I have to wear?

I've got no more panties, my clothes are too tight,

My shirt is a loincloth, I'm really a siaht!

To put on my shoes I must off my toes,

Dh dear, I'm plagued with so many woes!"

I find this poem to be a testament to a father's love and a true example of wit. The tone is teasing..... the kind of teasing that only a father can get away with.


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank