The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

In Anne Frank the book. Which Axis country has surrendered or capitulated?

Who is becoming suspicious about the Annexe?

How does Anne feel about the Annexe?

How does Peter feel about his intelligence?

Describe the most recent burglary.

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Anne hates the annex but makes do. She constantly worries about friends, despises the lack of privacy, and misses going to school. As time goes by, the familt is joined by others. This makes things even more difficult.

On 10 May 1940 the German army invade the Netherlands. There is heavy fighting for 5 days but Germany is too strong for the Dutch army. After a massive bombing raid on Rotterdam the Dutch surrender in the evening of 14 May. They sign the capitulation on 15 May.


I'm not quite sure how he feels about his actual inteeligence, but I do know that he hates stufyimg, and has no desire to improve his mind............ he'd like things to come easily, and he's rather lazy. Thus, Peter is the kind of guy who is willing to settle...............

The last burglary? I don't know where you are in the novel to even try and figure that out. There questions deal with chapter ?