The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

How does Anne spend her days?

1-What does Anne witness through the window in the attic?

2-How do 80% of Dutch students reply to German demands that they sign a loyalty oath to Germany and with what result?

3.Why does Anne as Dussel for time at the table?

4.How does Anne spend her days?

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During the day, the residents must keep still and quiet because of the workers. Anne spends a lot of time studying French and math. She and Margot also do office work for Ellie. They get a break from their silence when the factory breaks for lunch and everyone leaves, only to quiet down again when they return. Most os the action in the annex takes place after work hours, thus, the tend to nap during the afternoon. Evenings can be spent moving around..... cooking, washing dishes, and taking turns in the bathroom.

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Diary of a Young Girl