The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Discuss Anne's relationship with her mother as revealed by her diary entries

Anne's relationship with her mother

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Anne's relationship with her mother is not good. Anne thinks that her mother always supports Margot rather than supporting her. Also she thinks herself as a mentally mature girl and doesn't want to share anything with her mother. Moreover' Anne loves her father Mr.Otto Frank very much when compared to anyone else in her life. in the context, she says "I can even imagine my mother dying one day.But I can't imagine living without my father'. Also Anne usually used to pray with her father. But one day when her mother wanted to do so with Anne, she sent her mother cowardly and after that, she apologized to her only on Pim's advice.

But on the side of her mother' the story was entirely different . She always used to support Anne when Mrs.Van Dan scolds Anne for being playful. Thus, the relationship between Anne and her mother was one sided.