The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Describe anne's relation with her father,mother and her sister????

give a brief description!!!

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Anne's relationship with her father is that of a "daddy's girl." She thinks he can do no wrong (unlike her mother) and is completely loyal to him. Mr. Frank is the one person who can get through to Anne, no matter how she is feeling. She gives her father all of the love she withholds from her mother. Anne's relationship with mother is strained. She feels constantly judged unfairly by her and describes little nurturing or affection. Of course Anne is a teenage girl who, in many ways, is responsible for how her relationships are formed. Margot often clashes with her sister, who is considered talkative and rebellious. Others often hold her up as a model for Anne to emulate. It is Margot who is first called up by the Gestapo in Amsterdam. This call forces the Franks to go into hiding. She dies a few weeks before Anne in the Belsen concentration camp.