The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

descibe the events which changed anne's personality from her carefree days to the anne that lived in the secret annexe?

it is a question of dairy of a young girl

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When Anne begins writing her diary, we meet a carefree, vivacious young woman. Amsterdam is already under Nazi control, and the Jews have already begun to be restricted, but she is still able to socialize with friends.

Margot's call-up notice would be the second life-changing event after the German occupation. It is because of the notice, and the family's refusal to send Margot away to the German defense corps, that the family decides to go into hiding.

While in hiding, Anne matures (a natural change). She's a teenager, and she's feeling all of the hormonal and physical changes that any child goes through. The difference? She's going through them in an isolated but completely public way. All young girls fight with their mothers and enjoy privacy..... Anne didn't have that.

Anne also falls in love for the first time; she becomes aware that everyone she knew has been sent away to concentration camps; she feels the hope of D-Day and even embraces the attempt on Hitler's life. All of these things change her.


Diary of Anne Frank

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