The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Attempt a character sketch of Anne Frank? ( 10 marks )

i need this questions answer in 10 marks

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Ann is a young teenage girl who was spot in ____________________________________ conditions of the world war. She is a gifter writter ____________________________________________________ . She has a respect to her father and admirs him immensly . When she was given a diary on her 13th birthday , young Anne Frank writes down details for her life. She loves to write the diary since she has difficulty confinding her inner most thoughts . Throungh the diary we are acquinted with two sides of her personality . One side deals with her day to day problems as a teenager and other is a deep pherlosiphical side which ponders about her existence in a war - torn land . In the first year , Anne speaks about problems related her struggles with the adults in the Screat Annex . She is curious by nature and tries to make sence out her existance . In her finall entry Anne grows into a matured person who comes to terms with her situation . She ponders about her role in a changing world and her identity as a jewish person . Her youthfull optimism also with her matured understanding gravity of her situation makes her entry.


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