The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank questions pg131-156

how do the residence of the annex feel about the Germans threatening to flood holland if the Allies invade

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The big question in the Annex became a discussion of what they'd do if the water rose above their waists. There were a variety of responses, and many are very humorous. It seems this wasn't as much of a worry as we'd believe..... or maybe, the thought of the Allies being close enough to cause the flooding simply provided the Annex members with renewed hope.

"It'll be impossible to walk or ride a bike, so we'll have to wade through the water."

"Don't be silly. We'll have to try and swim. We'll all put on our bathing suits and caps and swim underwater as much as we can, so nobody can see we're Jews."

"Oh, baloney! I can just imagine the ladies swimming with the rats biting their legs!" (That was a man, of course; we'll see who screams loudest!)

"We won't even be able to leave the house. The warehouse is so unstable it'll collapse if there's a flood."

"Listen, everyone, all joking aside, we really ought to try and get a boat."

"Why bother? I have a better idea. We can each take a packing crate from the attic and row with a wooden spoon."

"I'm going to walk on stilts. I used to be a whiz at it when I was young."

"Jan Gies won't need to. He'll let his wife ride piggyback, and then Miep will be on stilts."


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank