The Devil's Arithmetic

Who is the 'devil'?


I think it's the Nazis but everyone has a different opinion. Please answer

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Symbolically, the meaning comes down to an addition problem, a game designed with evil intent. Depending upon your own beliefs, you can see the "devil" as the Devil, or his minions (Nazis), or simply the Nazis. Opinions on this subject vary and depend upon an individual's beliefs.  I've had students compare the "arithmetic" and the numbers to the "mark of the beast." I've had other students go in completely opposite directions. None-the-less, the arithmetic had to do with days and time. If you weren't chosen, you'd have another day, and maybe, you'd make it. Everytime you'd make it through a selection, you became another part of the equation.


The Devil's Arithmetic

I am not sure what are you talking about please specify clearlyyyyyyyyyyyyy