The Devil's Arithmetic

When hannah tells fayge that Shumel is afraid of getting married what happens?

im doing cause and effect so i need to know like the cause or effct so when hannah told fayge that shumel is affraid to get married what happened

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"Being married does not bother me," Shmuel said. "But getting married-that frightens me!"

Hannah repeats these words to Fayge in response to Fayge's declaration, "And would you guess that as excited as I am about marrying my beloved Shmuel, a part of me is also afraid?"

In effect, this conversation puts Fayge at ease. It reassures her that neither she nor Shmuel were afraid of marrige, but they were both nervous about the ceremony. She is relieved he feels the same way she does; it makes her feel not quite so alone in her apprehension.


The Devil's Arithmetic/ Page 60