The Devil's Arithmetic

What things about Hannah's home and school life shock Rachel, Esther, and Shifre?

chapter 6

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Hannah is not sure anymore who she is, but she knows she has no memories yet of Lublin, so she tells her new friends about her house in New Rochelle and the fact that she goes to school. The girls are so envious of her going to school, because only boys are allowed this honor in the shtetl. They are also shocked that she goes shopping on the Sabbath. Esther then remarks that she had heard of a girl who disguised herself as a boy and went into the yeshivah to study Torah. Hannah immediately remembers the Barbra Streisand film called “Yentl,” and even though the girls are appalled that the character cuts off all her hair, they insist that Hannah tell them all about her story.

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One thing thst shocks them is that she goes to the movies on weeknights.