The Devil's Arithmetic

What instructions/demands are given to the zugangi by the 3-fingered woman and the officers


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The women are lined up by the three-fingered woman in the blue dress, who strikes anyone who asks questions or doesn't comply. Hannah dodges such a slap and the slap lands on Shifre, who howls in pain, only to be struck again. Hannah is thankful for not being hit but also feels guilty for Shifre's pain. A Nazi officer in a dark uniform appears before them, wearing medals and a sinister smile. He tells them that they will work hard or they will die. Hannah has to fight to stay awake. Overhead she hears swallows twittering about as they catch insects. The Nazi officer reminds her of someone but she has trouble remembering who that is. A teacher from school? She is unsure. Hannah knows she is forgetting other things as well, even the stories she told the girls earlier. She looks to Gitl and whispers her name. Gitl takes her hand and says "Chaya." It sounds like a promise, or a command.