The Devil's Arithmetic

what do that Nazis tell the jews when they make them leave their village?

reaction of the leaders

what happens when they leave 

how are they moved

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The soldiers tell them they are there to relocate all Jews to other villages for the duration of the war. They are all to board the trucks and be resettled immediately. Hannah reiterates that they cannot go and that if they do they will be put to death. Her concerns are quickly dismissed by the adults; Rachel reminds them that Chaya had told them about a story called Hansel and Gretel and that she is mixing up the witch's oven and the oven she believes the Nazis will put them in. Hannah sees that no one will believe her story.

The Nazi colonel informs them that their relatives in Viosk have already been relocated. Reb Boruch calms the concerned crowd and tells them that God will provide. He begins to say a prayer aloud. All join in, including Hannah.