The Devil's Arithmetic

what are different things you see happening to them when they arrive to camp?

mutiple things

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After arriving at the camp, they are unceremoniously ordered out of the boxcar and down a hill toward the camp. Shmuel tells the soldiers there are still dead bodies on board. The soldiers order him to leave them there. A sign above the camp entrance reads, "Arbeit Macht Frei": work will make you free.

The prisoners are taken to their respective barracks. Hannah and the other women meet a woman in a blue dress who tells them that they are the newcomers and therefore the lowest of the low. The woman is a prisoner there, too, but is not a Jew. The woman leads them to an auditorium to shed their clothes so they can be showered. The women are not comfortable changing in front of each other. The woman in the blue dress tells them to think of it as a mikvah, a ritual bath.

A male Nazi officer orders them into another room, where they wait, shivering in the cold. Hannah sees some of the other girls and asks about Rachel. Rachel did not survive the trip, she learns. Hannah is overcome with guilt for not telling Rachel that she was her best friend. Hannah is relieved that the showers are real, but with only cold water. Still, she stands underneath for as long as she can and drinks in as much water as possible. Next, a male prisoner comes with scissors and a razor and cuts off the women's hair.

The women wait on the bench as their hair is clipped away. The woman in the blue dress enters and orders them into the next room. Hannah notices that the woman only has three fingers on her right hand. In the next room the women find piles of old, smelly clothes. They quickly choose clothes for themselves.  The women and children are then moved to another room, where a man waits with an odd-looking instrument. He begins to tattoo numbers on their forearms.