The Devil's Arithmetic

In Hannah's case, is it better to know or not to know?

Within the book, Hannah is aware of what will happen to her and all the Jews going to the concentration camp. On page 72, the book states," Was knowing-or not knowing- more frightening?" Based on what happens in the book, is knowing better or not knowing better?

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I think knowing is better but also harder. Hannah is able to put pieces of what she knows about history. She is able to prepare herself and other people she loves. Hannah sacrifices herself because she knows what happens in the future. Knowing also makes things harder because Hannah must grapple with situations and a future which has already happened.

Know ing would most likely be the best but hard to take it all in at once can u answer my question.

About what Brody?

The questions i asked on the screen

Not to know because if they know, they will freak out.

not to know of course!

What page does it say the facts that u said aslan?