The Devil's Arithmetic

How does the family use the game with hiding the Afikoman to play with Hannah's brother?

They go to grandma Belles and mom convinces her to go, but her and brother tend to feel cik and just want to eat during passover.


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Aaron tells her that it is time for the afikoman, the matzo wrapped in embroidered blue cloth. She tells him to go ahead and look for it while she keeps watch there. She is getting too old to take part in this game. The afikoman is always hidden under Grandpa Will's chair for easy discovery. Aaron will be the next one to hide it; he runs off to the next room though no one follows. Hannah comments that he always hides it in the bathroom anyway.  Grandpa Will will offer Aaron money in exchange for the afikoman as part of the game, but Hannah tells Aaron to hold out for the gift he really wants: a baseball glove.