The Devil's Arithmetic

Give examples of how Rivkah helps Hannah. What does this show about life in the camps?

I'm talking about the film version of the book.

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Life in the camps is a constant balance between life and death. One example of Rivka helping hannah in in ch. 16. Shifre tells Hannah that she can still remember Lublin and the shtetl. Hannah answers that she cannot and becomes upset. Rivka appears and tells her not to cry, because the blokova might see her. Hannah learns that the lady in the blue dress had her fingers cut off for losing control of the prisoners. Hannah wonders if there is a way to get her into more trouble so that she might lose more fingers. Rivka says it is too dangerous and that it is better to let the grown-ups make their plans. Hannah asks what this means but at that moment the Commandant arrives. Hannah can't believe it. The Commandant was here just yesterday. He is not due for a few more days. Rivka is already making the clucking noise to warn the children, who begin making their way to the midden.