The Devil's Arithmetic

Describe the conditions of the boxcars and the length of time spent in them?

The devils arithmetic

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After what seems like hours Hannah opens her eyes. She can hear women and children crying. The men are praying. They are ordered to stand up. Gitl has a red mark around her neck where a necklace was forcibly removed. They are ordered to board the boxcars. Hannah asks Gitl how they could all possibly fit in there. Gitl says that with God's help they can. They are crowded in and the doors to the boxcar are shut, triggering panic and screams. Hannah turns to the Rabbi to tell him that they must do something. She knows where they are going, she says. The Rabbi contends that they are in God's hands. Gitl states that God's hands are hot and sweaty, much to the chagrin of Fayge. Hannah is thankful to be close to a pocket of fresh air as the stench of perspiration and vomit begins to build inside the tiny boxcar.