The Devil's Arithmetic

compare and contrast hannah and chaya

Hannah and Chaya

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The protagonist of the story. Hannah is a young Jewish girl who lives with her family in New Rochelle, NY. She is disinterested in, and even embarrassed by, her Jewish heritage and family. During a Seder dinner she is suddenly transported to Poland in 1942 where she inhabits the life of her own distant relative, Chaya Abramowicz, who sacrifices herself to save Rivka. Through this process Hannah comes to appreciate her own history and that of her family.

Hannah is spoiled and somewhat selfish. She doesn't appreciate her family, their traditions, and she finds such activities boring. As Chaya, she learns to truly appreciate her family.... to pitch in and enjoy the little things. Over the course of time, she becomes loving and giving, and through the sacrifice of her own life..... she becomes selfless.