The Devil's Arithmetic

By using supportive evidence, what is the main idea of The Devil's Arithmetic?

Using evidence from the movie "The Devil's Arithmetic" which was realeased in March 28, 1999.

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The main idea of this novel is that of remembrance, holding onto memories that have shaped a people...... or individuals. In this instance we have Hannah. She doesn't want to celebrate religious holidays or take part in family traditions. The past doesn't matter..... it's made people angry, unreasonable, embarrassing....... The Devil's Arithmetic reminds us that everyone is shaped by their past, and it is important to understand what has made the people we love who they are. It's taking the time to understand and making sure that certain family memories and traditions stay alive. It's looking at the entire picture when we wish to do nothing more than turn away.

Hannah is forced to look at the past when she becomes a part of it. She lives the terror, all while knowing what's going to happen. She learns the meaning behind numbers and fear..... she learns people she'd never have known. She learns about love, marriage, death and sacrifice, and remembering what she's learned will allow her to sit with her Grandfather and understand his anger, rather than rolling her eyes at his outbursts.


The Devil's Arithmetic