The Devil and Tom Walker

What did the devil want tom to do


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The devil wanted Tom to become a slave dealer (Tom refused). After Tom's refusal, he required that Tom become a userer....... the other requirement was one that is required of everyone who deals with the devil..... the devil required his soul.

There was one condition which need not be mentioned, being generally understood in all cases where the devil grants favours; but there were others about which, though of less importance, he was inflexibly obstinate. He insisted that the money found through his means should be employed in his service. He proposed, therefore, that Tom should employ it in the black traffick; that is to say, that he should fit out a slave ship. This, however, Tom resolutely refused; he was bad enough in all conscience; but the devil himself could not tempt him to turn slave dealer.

Finding Tom so squeamish on this point, he did not insist upon it, but proposed instead that he should turn usurer; the devil being extremely anxious for the increase of usurers, looking upon them as his peculiar people.


The Devil and Tom Walker