The Death of Ivan Ilych

What is the novel saying about deception? and its relationship to power?

what is the role of deception in the novel and its relationship to power

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This is rather involved! :-D Tolstoy uses more than one type of deception in this novel, but it revolves around the concept of being a real person and facing death; the power that nulifies life. The novel revolves around people like Ivan who aren't real; this doesn't mean they aren't human, but rather means they are lacking in the "soul" department; they are shallow, only interested in themselves and what they want. They deceive themselves into believing that these things are more important than emotional relationships and caring about humanity, but the true deception comes from believing they're invincible. As we all know they aren't, and therefore the power they believe themselves to have in this solitary, unfeeling state leaves them powerless against the one thing we can't avoid and have no power against; death.


The Death of Ivan Illych