The Death of Ivan Ilych

Read this excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich:

"It's God will. We shall all come to it some day," said Gerasim, displaying his teeth—the even white teeth of a healthy peasant—and, like a man in the thick of urgent work, he briskly opened the front door, called the coachman, helped Peter Ivanovich into the sledge, and sprang back to the porch as if in readiness for what he had to do next.

What can you conclude about Gerasim from the phrase "the even white teeth of a healthy peasant?"

a.Gerasim is particular about his dental hygiene.

b.Gerasim belongs to the bourgeoisie

.c. Gerasim belongs to the working class.

d. Gerasim is able to stay cheerful even in difficult times. NextReset

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