The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Name and Explain four main relationships????

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Christopher and Wellington (the dog)- Finding the murderer of the dog becomes Christopher's purpose and impetus for the novel.

Chris and Ed Boone (father)

Christopher's father. He works in the boiler business. He is the sole caregiver of Christopher, and has been since Christopher's mother died, two years before the start of the novel. Christopher's father looks after Christopher, knows all his habits, and understands the way Christopher works. Still, Ed hides secrets from Chris that complicates things.

Siobhan and Chris

Christopher's friend of eight years and a member of the staff at his school, where he studies with other children with learning difficulties. To help Christopher understand human emotion, she draws faces for him so that he can identify that a smile means happy, a frown means angry and so on. It is Siobhan who sets the assignment that propels Christopher to write his novel, and she gives him writing tips throughout. She is very patient with Christopher and encourages his writing.

Mrs. Alexander and Chris

Another (older) lady who lives on Christopher's street, at number 39. Mrs. Alexander offers Christopher squash and biscuits when he visits her. Even when his father forbids him from interviewing the neighbors about Wellington, Christopher speaks to her. He asks her if Mr. Shears may have wanted to upset Mrs. Shears, and she reveals that Mr. Shears and Christopher's mother had an affair before she died.