The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

" My memory is like film " says Christopher. He continues to say that he never forgets anything, and from this he derives a great deal of confidence. What other tools does Christopher have to deal with problems, conflicts, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

I am really confused with this question. This is a question from my summer assignment so i don't have a teacher to help me. I tried asking my mom for help but she didn't even understand even though she read it already. This is for English III Honors. Thanks.

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Christopher is a pretty unique guy. I mean really, any guy with a pet rat who can do complex math equations in his head, for fun, has something going on! Chris is not without his problems though. Chris has problems with social cues and situation. He doesn't know his mother is having an affair with her neighbour. He gets emotional over small things and has trouble appropriately matching his emotions to a given situation. This leads us to conclude he probably has a spectrum disorder like Asperger syndrome. So how does Chris cope? well, he does math problems in his head, drinks strawberry milkshakes and sees the world how it really is rather than sugarcoating things.