The Crucible

why is it important to the events of the play that Abigail admits to john proctor they were just playing in the woods?

abigail adnitted to john they were just playing in the woods why is this important to the events in the play.

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I'm not sure how important this is. Abigail has been lying to save herself from being charged with witchcraft. I suppose she loves John Proctor, referencing her affair with him. There is a subtext that he better believe her should he want to keep the affair a secret. It does not take long for Proctor to see through Abigail as she starts accusing many villagers of witchcraft, particularly John's wife Goody Proctor. John will have nothing more to do with Abigail stating that he will "cut of his hand" before he reaches for her again. In the end, it is quite evident to most people, including the court that Abigail is not telling the truth. Reasons for the inquisition have more to do with power and politics than "witchcraft".