The Crucible

Who is most at fault?

Who do you think deserves the most blame for starting up what happens in the play?

Anne Putnam, for seeking an answer for the deaths of her seven babies?

Tituba, for granting Ruth's request for conversation with the dead and for saying she saw others with the devil?

Betty Parris, for pretending to be trying to fly out the window?

Abigail Williams, for claiming that other people's spirits afflict her?

Reverend Hale, for buying the lies until it was too late to stop?

The society of Salem, for repressing the girls so that they wanted to go out and do something wild and mysterious?

Reverend Parris, for trying to squelch talk of witchcraft in the first place, to save his reputation?

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I personally think that it is John Procter for leading abigail on and not putting a stop to her liking him knowing that she is underage. They were found out and abigail was sent away and wanted revenge.