The Crucible

who are some of the characters who are not willing to admit the truth? and there motive fovive for not wanting the truth.

in act 2 (: thanks

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Certainly Abigail is the focus here. She pretty much controls all the girls who are not admitting the truth. Abigail has it out for Elizabeth Proctor. Elizabeth had her dismissed for having a trust with her husband. THe rest of the girls are just damn scared of Abigail.

Just to add, as the play goes on, there is a sense that Hale is discovering this whole scam.Unfortunately his job and credibility as a great witch-hunter depends on there being witches.JUdge Danforth is probably even more rotten. Even more than Hale, his whole identity seems wrapped up in handing out "Go's Justice" so, even though the fix looks obvious, he would never shut down the court.