The Crucible

What is an internal conflict with Parris (which act)?

What internal conflicts does Parris have with himself?

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It is difficult to know if Rev. Parris felt badly about the things he did. Before the play began, Parris was not much different. He coveted things that were not his and held his post largely through rumour, gossip and slander. Still if there is an internal conflict I would go with Act 1 scene 1. Parris is praying and sobbing as over his daughter Betty. Apparently she has been taken over by some kind of illness. He thinks it is all witchcraft because of his niece Abigail's witch dances in the woods. Parris is torn over calling in the renowned witch hunter reverend Hale or hoping that Betty just gets better. Parris wants to keep his day job but at the same time he fears for his daughter when Hale shows up. It also doesn't look or feel good that all this witch stuff is going on under his holy watch.

what about act 2, 3, and 4?????