The Crucible

what events in the forest and Abigail Williams' connectiong wiht the proctor family?

"The Crucible" Act 1

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Sorry, what act?

Act 1?

Act 1? Blyss, never read the book



Me i meant


sorry again

Rev. Parris had found his daughter and niece dancing in the forest like heathens, but he will not admit this to anyone because it would mar his reputation. Abigail admits to dancing and is willing to accept the punishment, but will not admit to witchcraft. Parris warns Abigail that he has enemies who will use this situation against him, and claims that he saw a dress lying on the grass and someone naked running through the trees. He thinks that Tituba was screeching gibberish when he found the girls, but Abigail says they were only singing Barbados songs. Parris demands to know whether Abigail has a good reputation, following up on rumors that her former employee, Goody Proctor, thinks Abigail is corrupt, but Abigail calls Goody Proctor a gossiping liar.



Reverend Parris right?