The Crucible

What does Proctor question as Elizabeth is being arrested ?

Act 2.

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Proctor questions many things. He first questions how anyone could accuse his wife, especially when Mary says the "poppet" is one she made for Elizabeth Proctor. He questions why the court always believes the accuser and not the person accused. He questions the validity of the warrant by ripping it in pieces, and he questions the use of the chains in which they imprison Elizabeth as they take her away.

Proctor rips up the warrant, and asks if the accuser is always holy now. Proctor is questioning why the accuser is considered holy and the victim is swiftly damned. He says that he will not give his wife to vengeance. Hale insists that the court is just, but Proctor calls him a Pontius Pilate. Cheever takes Elizabeth away. Proctor demands that Mary Warren come to court with him and charge murder against Abigail. She warns Proctor that Abigail will charge him with lechery, but Proctor insists that his wife shall not die for him. Mary Warren sobs that she cannot go against Abigail.