The Crucible

what do the people of salem think of the natives? Why?


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During the time of the Salem witch trials, Indians were seen as an unknown evil people. Indians integrated into nature while the Puritans came in and destroyed it for their benefit. Since this is the case, the Puritans may be seen as a non-Cristian people. With the Salem witch trials, the Puritans were accusing their own people of being evil, but semed to leave the Indian population alone other than settling on their lands. The Indians themselves probably were not executing their own people, or if they were, it was for a logical reason among their people. I think in this instance, the Puritans can be looked upon as being the savages and not the Indians they accused of being savage evil people.


The white people fear the Native Americans. Abigail lives with her uncle because her parents were murdered by Indians.