The Crucible

what did you learn from the crucible?

please help me. and tell me what YOU learned when YOU reads the book

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The best thing you can do to find this information is to study the various study guides available. Gradesaver has a fantastic study guide for this unit, although I advise you to pay particular attention to the section on themes, and also read the section on context. I will provide the links for you below.

i need to ask others what they learned and compare it to what ive learned from the crucible

Hey, I think you need to distinguish between historical and morality themes. Arthur Miller was pretty meticulous about his research so there is much to learn about this particular past. The morality element is really in the context of these Puritan settlers but many themes of human nature can be explored as well. Pettiness, greed, lust and power draw clear moral lessons that the reader can learn from. Ask yourself who you find most heroic? War it Elizabeth Proctor or her husband? What can we learn from both of them? Both were strong in their own ways. What really angered you about these people? I was really fed up with their constant state of hypocrisy and denial.