The Crucible

what caused distress in mary?

what in the day's event

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Mary Warren goes through a lot of distress throughout the play. Is there a particular act or scene you are referring to?

Which day? If you are referring to the day she and Jonh Proctor went to the court to try and disprove Abigail, then she was distressed because Abigail and the other girls, following her lead, turned against Mary Warren and started acting as if they were being attacked by her through witchcraft. Mary feared that she would be hanged if accused.

If you are referring to the the day she comes back to the Proctors' house from being an 'official of the court,' then she was distressed because Elizabeth Proctor's named had been mentioned in court, which meant she was likely to be accused. Also, she feared getting in trouble with John for leaving the house when she was told not to...again.


The Crucible, by Arthur Miller



she is upset because she knows that she is going to jail for putting the pin in the poppet (rag doll) and is now upset and her husband dont want her to go to jail because he thinks she hasn't did anything wrong and she didn't make the doll. mary thinks that Abigail made the poppet when they were in the court house


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